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搬HSK 3 | Learn Chinese in 5 mins with Comprehensible Input

Give me 5 minutes, and I will make sure you will never forget this HSK 3 vocabulary 搬。

Step 1:Let's learn the meanings of the word. I introduced the related phrase 搬家,搬到 in context. To get the comprehensible input about 搬, please check the video here:

搬家bān jiā: move home

搬到bān dào: move to

Step 2: Let's use the word 搬家,搬到 in a story.


Step 3: Let's analyze the shapes and formats of the characters. For details:

搬:手+舟+又+几=hand+boat+right hand+paddle

When you need to "move" things, in ancient China, you use a boat. So you hold the paddle and use the boat to move your things.

家:宀+猪=roof top + pig

When you have food and shelter, Chinese people consider that a home.

到:箭+土+刀 = arrow + soil + knife

The left part is an arrow arrive to the ground(for the meaning), the right part is the knife radical (for the pronunciation).

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