Most common Chinese question words

Asking questions is a high level language skill, however, that's not why I organized this document for you here.

I want to help you memorize the most common Chinese question words because it will enable you to understand your teacher better when he/she uses Personalized Q&A, circling, picture talk, movie talk and other Comprehensible Input teaching skills.

Most importantly, you will find yourself understand more when you communicate with native Chinese speakers, if you master the most common question words first.

If you are not a reader, try my video instead:

•吗 mayes or no?

•…还是… hái shì


•什么 shén mewhat?

•谁 shéiwho?

•…呢 ne – what about?

•哪里 nǎ lǐwhere?

•哪(个) nǎ gewhich?

•为什么 wèi shén mewhy?

•怎么(样) zěn me (yàng )how?

•多少/几 duō shǎo/jǐhow many?

•什么时候 shén me shí houwhen?

•做什么 zuò shén medo what?

•…是什么意思 shì shén me yì si

what does… mean?

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