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Chinese radical dictionary

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Can't remember Chinese characters?

Here's the answer:

Learn Chinese characters exactly how native Chinese speakers learn characters: listen and understand the input first, imitate and speak later, and then read and recognize characters, eventually practice writing characters.



What should you do to learn characters the correct way?

1. watch this (self-proclaimed) badass video:

2. use the radical dictionary below to analyze characters

3. draw your own character cards

4. read interesting articles, novels, magazine or watch fun tv show and videos with Chinese subtitles

( Instagram: han_characters)

Chinese Radical Dictionary

1 人 rén person; human

2 亻 rén person radical

3 刀 dāo knife

4 刂 dāo knife radical

5 力 power; strength

6 又 yòu right hand; again

7 口 kǒu mouth

8 囗 wéi enclose

9 土 earth; dirt; soil

10 夕 sunset

11 大 big; large

12 女 female

13 子 baby; son; child

14 寸 cùn inch

15 小 xiǎo small; little

16 工 gōng labor; work

17 幺 yāo tiny; small

18 弓 gōng bow

19 心 xīn heart

20 忄 xīn heart radical

21 戈 dagger; axe

22 手 shǒu hand

23 扌 shǒu hand radical

24 日 sun; day

25 月 yuè moon; month

26 木 tree; wood

27 水 shuǐ water

28 氵 shuǐ water radical

29 火 huǒ fire

30 灬 hǔo fire radical

31 田 tián crop; field

32 目 eye radical

33 示 shì show

34 礻 shì show radical

35 糸 silk

36 纟 silk radical

37 耳 ěr ear

38 衣 clothing

39 衤 clothing radical

40 言 yán speech

41 讠 yán speech radical

42 贝 bèi cowrie shell

43 走 zǒu walk

44 足 foot

45 ⻊ foot radical

46 金 jīn gold

47 钅 jīn gold; metal radical

48 门 mén door

49 隹 zhuī short-tailed bird

50 雨 rain

51 食 shí eat; food

52 饣 shí eat; food radical

53 马 horse

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