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How to Create An Immersion Language Environment At Home

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

"I can't afford a Chinese tutor now,

but can I gain comprehensible input by myself?"


the answer is to create a Chinese immersion environment.

You can't change the country that you live in,

but with the following resources,

you can create a Chinese bubble around you at your own home!

But how do we create a Chinese immersion environment and acquire comprehensible input during a pandemic?


Whatever you normally do in your free time,
keep doing that,
but in Chinese.

If you like to watch NBA, watch the Chinese version on CCTV 5.

If you like to browse youtube, switch to

If you like to play video games, set the language to Chinese.

If you like to read, use Wechat Read.

If you like to cook, look up recipes in Chinese.

If you like yoga, find Chinese tutorials.

If you like Netflix (and chill...?), use LLN to study Chinese while watching the shows(

If you like to write, write in Chinese and just write, don't worry about grammar.

If you like to draw, draw Chinese characters based on the meanings.

If you like to hang out with friends, speak Chinese with your Chinese friends.

If you like nothing but your cellphone...... well, change your cellphone language to Chinese and follow Chinese accounts on social media!

Create a Chinese bubble around you!
...but with things you sincerely care about.

Every minute counts.

Not everyone has 5 hours everyday to practice Chinese,

However, the point is that you need to spend time with the Chinese language


If you only have 30 minutes for Chinese today,

make sure you enjoy that 30 minutes.

Otherwise this will be a painful endeavor that will be short-lived.

Resources (I saved the best for last):

  1. Chinese Songs:

A mix of my personal preferences:

A mix of older Chinese songs:

Chinese pop music:

2. Chinese Dramas: you can watch a lot of free Chinese dramas on youtube ,爱奇艺(,腾讯视频(

Put your head on my shoulder( 到我们暖暖的小时光)

Go ahead (家人之名 )

Beautiful Secret (美丽的秘密)

Good Time (大好时光)

Unrequited Love (暗恋橘生淮南)

The first half of my life (我的前半生)

3. Chinese Cartoons:

Peppa pig (小猪佩奇)

4. Chinese Podcast:

5. Chinese Talk Shows: talkshows are for Advanced-High learners. If you can understand or crack jokes in Chinese, your Chinese is legit 😉

ROCK & ROAST (脱口秀大会)

Roast! (吐槽大会)

6. Chinese TV Shows:

The Voice of China (中国好声音)

7. Oh did I mention post-it notes? Change your apt walls into personalized word banks!

8. Language Exchange Apps: find a Chinese friend, get comprehensible input through real life interactions. If you are shy, use apps to find language-exchange partners for free. Try to video chat with them, having them only speak Chinese to you while you talk to them in their target language. This is a technique called "cross talk." Use gestures, drawings, pictures, word banks on the wall, whatever you can, to help each other understand your respective target languages.

9. Reading materials:

Read! Read! Read! Input is the key.

Du is a good app for you to find different levels of Chinese stories:

Chinese Reading Practice is a Chinese graded reader website with pinyin and English translation:

Edited by Alicia

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Jonathan Shock
Jonathan Shock
30 ene 2021

Impossible Challenge: is one of my favourite shows as I find the level is ideal for my level. I think that because there is less conversation it is actually a little easier and clearer.

Me gusta
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