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How to Describe Your Crush in Chinese(with sentence examples)



Q: 你喜欢什么类型的人?

nǐ xǐ huān shén me lèi xíng de rén?

What type of people do you like?

A: 我喜欢xxx的人。

wǒ xǐ huān XXX de rén.

I like people who are XXX.

Type 1:

温柔:gentle; tender; soft


  1. 她是个温柔的女孩,说话很轻。She is a very gentle girl, she talks softly.

  2. 她的男朋友很温柔,生气的时候也不会大声说话。Her boyfriend is very tender, even when he is angry, he won't raise his voice.

Type 2:

体贴: Considerate; sweet; good at taking care of people


  1. 体贴的朋友在我生病的时候帮我买了药。My sweet friend bought some medications for me when I was sick.

  2. 男朋友真不体贴!我痛经了,他还叫我做饭。My boy friend is so inconsiderate! He asked me to cook even when I'm having cramps.

  3. 我生病的时候希望丈夫可以照顾孩子,这样才是体贴。

When I got sick, I hope my husband can take care of the kids. That's exactly what "considerate" looks like.

Type 3:

稳重:Steady; stable; reliable

  1. 他是一个稳重的人,情绪非常稳定,不乱发脾气。He is a very calm person. He is emotionally stable. He never loses his temper.

  2. 这人稳重可靠,不会随便做奇怪的事,让人很安心。This person is very reliable, he won't do weird things randomly, he makes people feel secure inside.

Type 4:


  1. 从小到大我都喜欢老一点的男人,因为他们比较成熟。Ever since I was a kid I have always liked older guys because they are more mature.

  2. 看一个人是否成熟,你需要看他如何面对困难。To check if a person is mature or not, you need to see how he deals with difficulties.

Type 5:

尊重:to respect

  1. 出轨是不尊重人的表现。Cheating is a disrespectful behavior.

  2. 我不能接受不尊重女人的男人。I cannot accept guys who disrespect women.

  3. 虽然我不同意你的看法,但是我尊重你的选择。Although I disagree with your opinions, I respect your choice.

Type 6:


  1. 我总是请朋友们吃饭,他们觉得我特别大方。I always invite my friends to eat, they think I'm really generous.

  2. 谢谢你总是这么大方,跟我分享你的经验和技巧。I'm grateful that you are always so generous, sharing your expertise and skills with me.

Type 7:

接受我本来的样子:accept me for who I am

  1. 如果你不能接受我本来的样子,请你和别人谈恋爱。If you cannot accept me for who I am, then please date others.

  2. 因为太太接受我本来的样子,现在我不自卑了,我也接受了我本来的样子。Because my wife accepts me for who I am, now I don't have low self-esteem any more, I also accepted myself.

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