Popular Chinese Internet Slang 2022(with examples) 3

今天我们说说3个非常流行的网络用语(internet slang),




Youtube lesson: https://youtu.be/ttd_bdlAJGA

  1. 直男癌zhí nán ái


1. 直男癌最爱说的话就是:“你们女生打扮不都是给男生看的。” Straight guy cancers' always say: "you girls all dress up just for guys."

2. 正常男人会说:“这个女生好性感,我想跟她打炮。”,直男癌会说:“这个女生好性感,穿这么少就是欠操。” A normal dude will say, this girl is hot and I wanna have sex with her; a straight guy cancer will say, this girl is hot, her must dress like this to get laid."

3. 矛盾发生的时候,直男癌从不理解女朋友的情感需求,只会理性分析。When there is a conflict, straight guy cancers never try to understand their gfs' needs, they just analyze things logically.

2. 凡尔赛fán ěr sài


  1. 梁朝伟每次心情不好的时候,就从香港飞到伦敦去喂鸽子,真的好凡尔赛!Everytime Liang Chaowei is blue, he flies from Hongkong to London just to feed pigeons, that's so pretentious!

  2. "老公给我买的兰博基尼是粉色的。颜色好难看。" "Hubby bought me a pink Lamborghini. The color is really ugly."

“直接说你买得起兰博基尼呗,你怎么那么凡尔赛。” "Just say you can afford Lamborghini directly. Why are you so braggy."

3. BB


  1. 别逼逼,你行你上。Stop talking, if you can do this, go ahead and do it.

  2. 我妈总爱逼逼,烦死了。My mom always nags me. So annoying.

  3. 你少在这逼逼,有种像个男人一样跟我打一架! Stop talking already, if you have balls, fight me like a man!

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