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Most Common Chinese "Tenses"

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

  1. Chinese doesn’t have verb conjugations.

  2. Chinese uses words(了,过,会,正在, 着,了。。。了,etc) to indicate tense.

  3. Chinese uses words(昨天,今天,明天,现在,刚刚,星期天etc) to directly state the time.

一 Present:

I drive every day. 每天都开车。

Negate: 我不是每天都开车。/我每天都开车。

二 Past:

I drove yesterday. 昨天车。

Negate: 我昨天没有开车。/我昨天开车。

三 Future:

I will drive tomorrow. 明天开车。

Negate: 我明天会开车。

四 Present progressive:

I am driving now. 现在正在开车。/我现在开车。/我现在正在车。

Negate: 我现在没有在开车。/我现在在开车。/我现在不是在开车。

五 Present perfect:

I have driven a car. 我以前车。

Negate: 我以前没有开过车。/我以前开过车。

六 Present perfect progressive:

I have been driving for 10 years. 我开车开10年

Negate: 我没有

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