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Meet The Team

About Keren

Assistant Professor

Defense Language Institute - Monterey, CA

August 2018 - September 2019


IB Chinese Teacher

Mcauliffe International School - Denver, CO

July 2017 - August 2018


Mandarin Teacher

International Leadership of Texas - Dallas, TX

August 2016 - August 2017

My name is Keren, or 可人 (a lovely or capable person) in Chinese. Growing up in Shenzhen, China, since the age of 14 I knew I was going to be a teacher. I was not satisfied with test-oriented learning environments and teaching styles in China, so in 2012 I went to the United States to pursue my master’s degree in Education.


In the US, I went through everything you can imagine a foreigner can experience in another country. This unique path has helped form my teaching philosophy: language is not only a tool, but also a gateway. If you can speak another language, it’s like opening a window on your house, and you can finally see the world outside; if the language makes you confident and brave enough, you can even open your door, and walk into other houses.


  • In 2015, I started using Comprehensible Input-based teaching methods in my Chinese classes.

  • In 2016, I was lucky enough to be trained by Dr. Steve Krashen’s team and learned about Comprehensible Input in more depth.

  • In 2017, in order to learn how to use Comprehensible Input on a daily basis from master teachers, I started working in Denver Public Schools.

  • In 2018, I started to teach soldiers Chinese via Comprehensible Input in the US Department of Defense.


My life in the US indeed opened a gateway for me. Here I learned how to hike, dive, camp, snowboard, skydive, and travel around the world. Looking back at my journeys, I decided that my mission is to help other people around the world to find their gateways through the Chinese language. My goal is to help each of my students communicate with native speakers confidently, in the same way that I used English to explore the world.


Remember, language is not just a tool, it’s a gateway. You are not only learning how to speak Chinese, you are learning how to be confident.


Meeting kids during my travels in Mexico and giving them free Chinese lessons to spark their passion for learning.

About Juno

Lead Mandarin Teacher

CLLC - Hawaii, USA

July 2016 - May 2022


Lead ESL Teacher

Great International School - Qingdao, CHN

June 2012 - August 2015

Juno, a native of Qingdao, possesses a profound dedication to teaching, nurtured by her upbringing in a family of educators. Her academic journey includes a bachelor's degree in elementary education from Qingdao University, followed by another bachelor's degree in Fine Art from the prestigious University of Hawaii at Manoa, which she completed in 2022.


With over a decade of language teaching experience, Juno's expertise is unmatched. After completing her studies in China, she embarked on a fulfilling three-year tenure teaching ESL classes at a language school. Fueled by her passion for the language arts and a desire to showcase the beauty of Chinese culture, she transitioned to the role of Mandarin Teacher in Hawaii. Throughout her time in this position, Juno has consistently demonstrated herself to be a practical, patient, and innovative educator.


Juno's strength lies in nurturing the learning journey of novice Chinese students, employing her patience and cultivating their interest in the language. For students at an advanced level, she adeptly identifies areas of weakness and provides targeted reinforcement. Whether instructing large groups of over 50 students or engaging in personalized one-on-one lessons, she possesses exceptional communication skills and fosters effective interactions.


As a teacher, Juno is not confined to traditional methods; instead, she embraces creativity as a powerful tool. Her visionary perspective envisions education of the future as one that celebrates cultural diversity, where every individual is recognized as a global citizen. Currently residing in Bellevue, Washington, Juno actively pursues her passions outside of teaching, which include painting, scuba diving, and graphic design.


Discover the enriching world of Mandarin with Juno as your dedicated guide. Experience the transformative power of language and culture under the guidance of a passionate educator committed to nurturing global citizens.


During leisure hours, Juno takes pleasure in engaging in hiking activities across various national parks.

About Yan

My name is Yan, and I bring extensive experience and expertise as a TPRS Chinese teacher with a solid four-year track record. Originally from Dalian, China, I currently reside in Oklahoma, USA. I have had the privilege of teaching Chinese in various settings, including China, the USA, and Europe. I hold a graduate degree from the esteemed West Scotland University in the UK.


If you are seeking to enhance your conversational Chinese skills, I am dedicated to assisting you on this journey. In our conversational Chinese course, we will focus on topics tailored to your preferences, while simultaneously expanding your vocabulary and refining your fluency. Your comfort, satisfaction, and overall learning experience are of utmost importance to me.


Additionally, I am actively pursuing proficiency in Japanese, as I firmly believe in the value of continuous language learning. As a language learner myself, I understand the challenges that come with acquiring a new language. However, with the guidance of a skilled tutor, the journey becomes all the more enjoyable. In the past, when I taught Chinese face-to-face, I relished the opportunity to meet my students for a cup of coffee and engage in language practice. To recreate this immersive environment, I now host a weekly free speaking class, where students can converse and further develop their language skills.


Thank you for considering me as your trusted language instructor. Together, we can achieve your language learning goals with efficiency and enthusiasm.


I enjoy coordinating coffee chat events to help students enhance their Chinese-speaking abilities.

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