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What The Students Say


David S., United States

I have been studying Mandarin with Keren since May, 2020. Her teaching style is the most effective I have ever experienced. I tried self learning and college courses but nothing can compare to the TPRS methods Keren uses. Keren is also extremely patient, friendly, and easy to learn with. Our lessons fly by and I often look forward to our next meeting. If time wasn't an issue I would seriously book a lesson every day. Keren is the best. I will be studying with her for a long time to come.

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 Jonathan S., United Kingdom

I have had many language teachers over the years, and Keren is without a doubt the most incredible in just about every sense. She is lively and enthusiastic, and this energy makes you feel like you're not having a lesson but talking with someone who is incredibly passionate, and then after an hour, you look back and you realise that you have learnt a huge amount in that time, without it ever feeling like you're trying. I've been learning with her now for over a year, and sometimes it still feels like magic! 

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Jasmin P., United States

I have been learning Chinese for quite some time now and my journey hasn't been easy. The traditional way of learning wasn't helping me. So one day I went on YouTube trying to find another way, a similar way to acquire a language as we do our mother tongue and then I found Unconventional Chinese using TPRS!!! I immediately reached out to her and I became her student. I teach English myself and I was looking for a teacher who taught like me. She gave me soooo much Confidence and the drive to continue learning Mandarin. So If you want A GOOD START to start learning Chinese book your lessons with Keren 老师.

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Thomas C., Canada

I am blown away by the effectiveness of Keren’s Comprehensible Input lessons. Even if you are an absolute beginner, you'll be incredibly surprised by how much you'll take away from each session. Let's put it this way: I felt like I was that much more comfortable in the language after one 45 minute session, than I would have been after a full week (everyday) of 50 minute sessions at university... If you've been thinking about booking lessons for a while, look no further.


Ceri B., United Kingdom

I can't recommend learning Chinese with Keren enough. After a few months of classroom learning I realised I needed a different approach to progress with the language. Keren's lessons are engaging and always fun. She always includes what interests you, which keeps the content interesting and relevant. I have learned more in 6 lessons than I did in 6 months of traditional methods! Thanks Keren!

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Max H., United Kingdom

Keren is a fantastic teacher with her own unique ways of teaching (living up to her brand name perfectly)! She is super comfortable, speaks strong English and teaches you incredibly useful things for day to day life in China. Many of them are things that other teachers wouldn't dare touch. I discovered Keren on YouTube and her intro video sold me immediately. She's a great person to have around and makes learning Mandarin genuinely fun. For me, this much more fun than just taking a Mandarin class and sitting with a textbook. This is actual day-to-day Chinese that is so helpful for communicating with natives.

More Testimonials

Byron P., United States

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When I listened to Keren’s video on Comprehensible Input as well as the introduction video on her website, it really resonated with me. I was encouraged to apply her methods as a better way to learn such a drastically new language in an organic way. Duolingo was the primary method I formerly used to learn Mandarin but quickly discovered that natural speech patterns developed quicker and with better retention from classes with Unconventional Chinese.

An added benefit of the live classes is learning the cultural and social meaning and reasons behind the language and speech. This is something that static language programs miss and a value that cannot be realized apart from speaking with a live human being.

I recommend Unconventional Chinese because Keren has proven to care about the content of her classes and quality of teaching style while customizing for her students. Having the direction and feedback I needed in realtime was the best help and value I received. I would not have guessed that Comprehensible Input be so important but it makes perfect sense in the practice. I find I’m learning more effectively; I just wish I wouldn't have wasted so much time with other methods and have found it sooner.

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