Popular Chinese Internet Slang 2022(with examples) 2

Updated: Jan 3

今天再给大家介绍4个非常常用的网络用语(internet slang),

Youtube lesson: https://youtu.be/7mwT9jvjrYQ

  1. 内卷


健身教练这个行业很内卷,因为有太多教练了。Body training is a very competitive field, because there are too many trainers out there.

我的同事最近考了注册会计师证,我觉得压力很大,被她卷(内卷)了。My coworker just got CPA certified. I'm stressed out because of her.

不要卷(内卷)我,我只想“躺平”。Don't make me compete with you, I just wanna lie down and do nothing.

2. 绿茶


  1. 她是个标准的绿茶,你小心她勾引你男朋友。She is a textbook example green tea girl, you gotta be careful, don't let her seduce your bf.

  2. 绿茶总爱说:“我们只是好朋友而已啊,你女朋友为什么生气了呢?”Green tea girls always say: "we are just friends, why is your gf upset?"

  3. 男人很难看清绿茶,可是女人一下子就能看清绿茶。因为女人懂女人。It's hard for men to recognize green tea girls, but women can recognize them immediately, because women know women.



  1. 有的人觉得迈克杰克逊是音乐界永远的神,有的人觉得他没什么大不了。Some people think Michael Jackson is GOAT in the music world, some think he's no big deal.

  2. 诺兰是很多观众心中永远的神。Christopher Nolan is the greatest of all time to many audiences.

4. 无fuck可说


  1. 我的同事整天上班摸鱼,还在老板面前假装很努力我无fuck可说。My coworker always slacks off all day long at work, and then pretend to be a hard worker in front of the boss. I'm speechless.

  2. 我一出门,就下雨了,我简直无fuck可说!Once I got out, it immediately started raining. I'm literally speechless.

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