TPRS Chinese Story:Free Voluntary Reading 4

Updated: Sep 11, 2020






Drake闻Ladygaga的头,Ladygaga的头闻起来很臭。可是,Drake看Ladygaga,Ladygaga不看Drake,她正在看Kevin Hart。为什么?因为她对Kevin Har有兴趣。Kevin Hart不看Ladygaga,他对她没有兴趣。

Drake觉得非常生气,他想要打Kevin Hart。可是,他没有打Kevin Hart,他咬Kevin Hart的头。所以,Kevin Hart咬Drake的脚,然后,他哭了,因为Drake的脚闻起来太臭了!


Story adapted from Unconventional Chinese Beginner Curriculum lesson 4.

All rights reserved by Unconventional Chinese.

Reading comprehension:

  1. What type of story is this?

  2. What does Drake want to do with Ladygaga?

  3. How does Ladygaga smell like?

  4. Why does Kevin Hart cry?

  5. In the end, who does Ladygaga like?


Answer key: In the next free voluntary reading blog. ___________________________________________________________________________________

Answer key for Free Voluntary Reading 3:

  1. There are 3 men in the meeting.

  2. They are looking at Tony's ass.

  3. Because they think it is very funny.

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