Language Learning with Netflix

Hey guys, a student of mine recommended a software that allows people to study languages through Netflix tv shows/movies. I thought some of you will need it when you watch Chinese movies or TV shows. Thank you Vanessa for writting this short explanation :)

Language Learning with Netflix (LLN) is a Google Chrome extension that allows us to study various languages using Netflix movies or TV shows.

To use it, first it's necessary to have the Google Chrome browser installed on your computer. Next, you can download the extension at (or directly from the Chrome Web Store).

On this website ( are also included all the instructions on how to use this software. You can choose a wide variety of languages to study (including Chinese).

Important: it's required that you watch Netflix on Chrome instead of on the Netflix app (i.e., you have to open on Google Chrome and watch from there, so you can also use the extension at the same time - you do that simply by pressing the extension button on Chrome when watching a show on the Netflix website).

Tip: if you're a student of Chinese and there aren't many Chinese TV shows/movies available on Netflix, I recommend installing a VPN and choosing a different country (the Netflix content will change according to the location).


Also, I just realized today there's also Language Learning with Yoube! It's still a beta version, but should be interesting. I haven't tried it yet, so not sure how it works.


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