Popular Chinese Internet Slang 2021(with examples) 1

Updated: Jan 3

今天我给大家介绍5个非常常用的网络用语(internet slang),



Youtube lesson: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9co3QAalw7A

  1. 划水/摸鱼huá shuǐ/ mō yú: slack off at work


最近不想工作,上班都在划水。I don't wanna work lately. I'm just slacking off at work.

为什么她每天上班都在摸鱼,老板都不炒了她?!How come the boss didn't fire her even though she's slacking off at work everyday?!

她工作8小时,5小时都在摸鱼。For the 8 hours at work, she's slacking off for 5 hours.

2. 劈腿 pī tuǐ: to cheat on


  1. 她男朋友总是劈腿,可是他们就是不分手!Her bf always cheats on her but they just don't break up!

  2. 他女朋友劈腿了,跟他最好的朋友。His gf cheated on him with his best friend.

  3. 我哪里不好?为什么你劈我的腿?What did I do wrong? Why did you cheat on me?

3.海王 hǎi wáng: a womanizer; a playboy


  1. 他这么小就会撩女生了,长大一定是海王。He flirts with girls so well at such a young age, he will definitely be a womanizer when he grows up.

  2. 他总是跟不同的女生暧昧,大家都知道他是海王。He's always having a thing with different girls, everybody knows he's a playboy.

  3. 如果你有他那么帅,你也会做海王。If you were as hot as him, you'd be a playboy too.

4. 杠精 gàng jīng:a person who always disagrees with others


  1. 他就是个杠精,别理他。He just disagrees with everything and everybody, just ignore him.

  2. 这些人在网上是杠精,在现实中却什么都不敢说。Those people argues with everybody on the internet, but in reality they don't dare to say a word.

5. 深藏blue shēn cáng blue = 深藏不露 shēn cáng bú lù:hide one's talent and not show off


  1. 不要看他平时不怎么跟女生说话,其实他是个深藏blue的海王。In spite of the fact that usually he doesn't talk much with girls, he's actually a playboy who doesn't show his true color.

  2. 真正的高手都是深藏blue的。True masters don't show their talents easily.

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